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Phuket Stories is a result of series of mistakes we did while traveling for the first time to Phuket. We decided to create this Blog to help other travelers! adding more adventure and enthusiasm by making your trip unforgettable.

Your peace of mind is our main goal! we provide you a cool guide to save money, save time, save energy, and create a fantastic trip.

Walid SERIR- The Founder
Walid SERIR – The Founder

About Waleed SERIR.

My name is Waleed, 25 years old, born in Algeria. I recently dropped out of University, I was Master Degree Student in Marketing. It was an exhausting decision taken in my life.

Walid SERIR with his friends at Freedom Beach
Walid SERIR with his friends at Freedom Beach

But I am still okay, after leaving the University, I decided to start traveling to find myself! I visited about 7 Countries (United States, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia.) in six months, right after leaving the university.

Playing with Monkey at Monkey Beach
Walid SERIR play with Monkey at Monkey Beach

My Story, Same Same but different

I Crushed on Phuket, felt like I am in real home. Then my story begins in the South of Thailand, in a beautiful land Phuket. I started to behave like a local person, Eating Street Food, Driving a motorbike, Cooking, and even thinking.

Walid SERIR, Some Where in Thailand.
Meditation at Phi Phi

I loved the environment, the green areas, the Islands. During my Trip, I had some issues, due to lack of information about Phuket, I wasted a great deal of time, and also money. and many¬†things I Wish I’d know before traveling to Phuket.

Thinking about Next Step
Talking about my next Steps.

Helping others is my priorities.

During my Trip, I decided to create a blog. When I was on Phi Phi Island, Seating on the beach side with friends, the idea came up to my mind. A few days later, I took the first step, by creating this blog.

Meeting Travelers in Phuket
Meeting Travelers in Phuket

Helping you is my priority! I met many travelers during my trip, and I helped most of them, and I cannot stop helping people, and traveling too.

Long-tail boat phuket
Somewhere in sea, Phuket Longtail boat

I love you, You love me

That was a short story about me. I have other stories, I invited you to connect with me on Social Media for more! and I asked you to support me by sharing my blog, comment, or leave a feedback. Keep smiling and go ahead, hope to catch you soon.

About Us
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