Best time to visit Phuket

Best time to visit phuket thailand
Best time to visit Phuket
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The first time, I traveled to Phuket, I was really amazed by the weather situation in Phuket.
a large difference between Phuket and my city in North Africa (West Algeria). I used to live four main seasons in my home country, but on this Island the thing is different.
They have only two seasons, Low season and High Season.

Low Season

known also as Rainy Season or Green Season. A long period of rains, sometimes raining without stop, cloudy sky! but doesn’t mean it rains every day, there is an opportunity to see sunshine though.
The Low season for Phuket falls into May to October with the highest rainfall comes in May, September, and October.
The Benefits of Low Season, is the availability of great deals offer. either on accommodation, tour, shopping bargains. Further with fewer crowds at places unlike in the high season.
Recommended for budget travelers, and backpackers.


High Season

Also known as Hot Season, Starts from December to April. with temperature rate between 27º to 35º that makes the Island looks more gorgeous. You can spend time walking on the beachside, or even relaxing at beach sides, with more than 36 beaches! you have a large choice.
The downside of visiting Phuket in high season are the prices, they get higher. popular tourist attractions getting crowded.
Not recommended for budget travelers and backpackers.


Best time to visit Phuket

To sum up, Choosing the best time to visit Phuket isn’t an issue anymore! it depends on your availability and your budget.
What you can do in High Season you can do it too in Low Season. avoiding the crowd and high prices and can afford the rains, You have low Season.
You do not mind about prices and crowd! and you prefer clear sky, sunshine, beautiful beaches, the High season is your choice.
Hopefully, I answered the question, What is the best time to visit Phuket? Decide and enjoy your trip.
If you still have a question about the weather please lets me know by a comment on this post.

I cannot let you go to Phuket without taking these ideas and advice, I did many mistakes when I visited Phuket for the first time, and I learned a hundred things, that pushed me to create this blog, to help you to save a lot. Support my blog by sharing and caring.

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