The Best 6 places to stay in Phuket

Best place to stay in phuket
The Best 6 places to stay in Phuket
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The most popular issue for travelers in their first time to Phuket is where to stay? what is the best place to stay?

It is hard to decide with limited information that you had. And even if you ask someone who already been in Phuket!

Choosing a place to stay its depend on your preference and your situation. For example traveling alone, or with friends? is not the same place to stay if you are traveling with family and kids.

In this post, I will highlight the best place to stay, depending on your situation. Let’s start with the most popular place to stay in Phuket.


Patong beach phuket thailand
Patong Beach – Low Season



Patong is the famous beach and popular place for all tourist. They include a wide range of restaurants, hotels, nightlife. This place well known for the party and play, 24h/24h.

Patong beach is easy to access, accessible from the airport. And easy to get around to the nearest beaches like Kata, Karon, Kamala, or even to the Phuket town.


  • Accessible, and tourists area.
  • Plenty of restaurants, Bars, Hotels, SPA
  • Party, Party, Party everywhere.
  • Easy to get around.
  • Shopping Area.

Recommended for Solo Travelers, People who love parties, Disco, and crazy atmosphere.


  • Crowded place.
  • Not Clean.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Prostitute and ladyboys.

Not Recommended for Family with kids, and travelers who are looking for relax and calm place.

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Kata beach phuket thailand
Kata beach Phuket – Low Season


Situated on the west coast of the island, contain two parts, Kata Centre and Kata South. Contain large choices of resorts, restaurants, and SPA. The Kata beach particular favorite with surfers.

There several shops, fun activities, and viewpoint. It’s offer fun for all family. So based on reviews. It is the right destination for the young couples traveling with children.


  • Clean and beautiful place.
  • Long beachside, seems quite empty
  • Several Restaurants, Bars, Shops, activities.
  • A wide range of hotels, good price.
  • Less party and nightlife.

Recommended for young couples with children, solo travelers, families, surfers.


  • Budget and Mid-range Hotels, quite far from the beach.
  • Transport is quite expensive.

Not recommended for travelers seeking for party and nightlife

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Karon beach phuket thailand
Karon beach Phuket – Low Season


Looking for relaxing, less party and nightlife! quiet area? this place is what you are looking for, Karon beach is nearest to Patong, but Karon has different taste.


  • Restaurants on beachside
  • Good for surfing, depending on the weather.
  • Good quality of hotels, and resorts.

Recommended for retirees, the family with children, budget place.


  • Fewer activities, stores, and shopping area.

Not recommended for solo travelers, Pary lovers. 

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Kamala Beach - Low Season
Kamala Beach – Low Season



One of the quiet area in Phuket, the right place to relax with your partner, or with family, they consist good range of restaurants, resorts, market, and also some activities to do, so close to Patong.


  • Good area for relaxing.
  • Markets for shopping
  • Less nightlife
  • Not busy area

Recommended for couples, beach lovers, families with kids.


  • Not enough facilities compared to Patong.

Not recommended for party lovers.


That was the popular beach place to stay, this does not mean to avoid visiting these places, I highly recommended to visit all these beautiful places. Now let’s talk about other places to stay

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Phuket Town

Phuket town is the heart of the beautiful island Phuket. Getting around make it easy to reach with plenty of markets and stores available in the town. Peaceful place with some pretty building. You will learn more about Thai culture inside and have direct contact with the local community.

Recommended for solo travelers, backpackers, and for short time only.

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View from my Window - Plus Condominium 2
My view from kathu, Plus Condominium 2


My Favorite place to stay in Phuket! It is my first place, isn’t popular area, and also not tourist area but very quiet place to stay.

I prefer this place due to my interested to live with local, and act like local, to learn more about Thai cultures, and Thai food. There is no nightlife or activities for tourist, but you will get a wonderful experience.

Kathu is nearest to Patong beach about 10 minutes and other beaches. So renting a motorbike or car is mandatory to get around.

Recommended for backpackers, Solo Travels, families, everybody are welcome.


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I cannot let you go to Phuket without taking these ideas and advice, I did many mistakes when I visited Phuket for the first time, and I learned a hundred things, that pushed me to create this blog, to help you to save a lot. Support my blog by sharing and caring.

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