Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Phuket.

Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Phuket.
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I remember months ago when I started preparing for my trip to Asia. I choose Phuket as my main entry point to Asia, after 16 hours of flying, I arrived in my dream Island Phuket.

Once I arrived, I start to do random things, like going to exchange money. Trying to catch a taxi, find free wifi! it was not bad because I had little information about Phuket, but it was not helpful as I expect.

Been in Phuket for the first time, was a great lesson I have learned. I wish I’d known some things before I travel to Phuket, but it was too late for me. but you still, have time to get some ideas about your coming trip to Phuket.

Beach in Low Season
Beach in Low Season

Phuket Weather

The first time, I traveled to Phuket, I was amazed by the weather situation in Phuket! a large difference between Phuket and my city in North Africa (West Algeria). I used to live four main seasons in my home country, but on this Island the thing is different, they have only two seasons, Low season and High Season…. Read more

Baht Currency
Phuket Currency Baht Thailand


The official currency in Thailand is Baht. They have five banknotes: 1000 B, 500 B, 100 B, 50 B and 20 B, and also there are coins for a small amount, 10B, 5B, 1B, and 50,25 Satang.

Working with Thailand baht is easy, but beware of banknote of 1000 and 100 baht, they seem the same.

For Credit card, most of the restaurants and shops accept credit card. but of course, there is exchange fee every transaction. So be sure to check that your credit card will work in Asia, by contacting your bank.

Me, Trying to exchange some dollars.
Best exchange rate patong Phuket thailand

Currency Exchange

Once you arrive at the airport, do not exchange a huge amount of your money! this is a popular mistake. My advice is to change a small amount for a taxi because the exchange rate in Patong or other popular places is higher than the airport.

If you want to use ATM, do not worry, there are plenty of ATM in all Phuket, to Patong beach and other places, safe to use and available all days.

Phuket airport transfer - VAN
Phuket airport transfer – VAN

Airport Transfer.

Before getting around in Phuket! You must think about Phuket airport transfer. How to travel from airport to your hotel, hostel, or your accommodation.

There is limited choice to do that. The first option is to take VAN service from the airport to Patong or other places. The average price per person is 180 Baht, about one to two hours.

The second option is to take a direct taxi. If you are with family or friends this option is better for you. The cost range from 800 to 1200 baht, depending on your luggage and the timing.

You can bargaining the price of a taxi, but the average is 900 baht.

The third option is to book Airport transfer in advance by booking your taxi from the internet. There is few website who provide this services.

Sim card for tourist.
Sim Card for Tourist.

Sim Card

Getting a Sim card in Phuket are mandatory, especially if you want to drive, the google map there are useful and helpful to save a time. there are many stores who sell Tourist Sim card, and the popular one is 7/11 Stores.

For 300 Baht you will get Sim card with 100 minutes local call, and about 4GB internet 4G, with unlimited internet 3G. But this offers only for 8 days, and you can renew it anytime.


Phuket Stores

If you are planning to buy some grocery, or some foods, or even some stuff in Phuket, it is recommended to visit Super Cheap stores. They sell products with very low cost, compared to other markets.

The second option is 7/11 it is available anywhere in Phuket. The opposite of Super Cheap, they have a wide range of products, local products, and also international products, Trust me you will find your favorite products.

I cannot let you go to Phuket without taking these ideas and advice, I did many mistakes when I visited Phuket for the first time, and I learned a hundred things, that pushed me to create this blog, to help you to save a lot. Support my blog by sharing and caring.

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