10 Tips to save money and time during your trip to Phuket

phuket save money and time
10 Tips to save money and time during your trip to Phuket
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Making your trip comfortable, and unforgettable by providing to you, a useful information for your next trip to Phuket is my main goal.

What I have learned, I share it, in this post, you will find some tips to save money and time during your next trip to Phuket, Thailand.

Best place to stay in phuket
Top 6 places to stay in Phuket

Book your Accommodation Early

Choosing the right accommodation it’s a really complicated issue for your trip, no matter what is the purpose, it can make your trip wonderful and unforgettable, or makes it a nightmare.

and as an opening tip before you travel to your next destination, always try to book your accommodation early as you can.

It allows for you to get the best deal, best price and the most important is you will get wide options of hosts because of their availability.

Well, what are you waiting for, book your accommodation for the next trip using Airbnb, and get $40 OFF

Or use Booking.com for the best deals Hotel & Resorts.

Me, Trying to exchange some money.
Best money exchange rate patong Phuket thailand

Exchange Money outside Phuket airport

Once you arrive at Phuket Airport, take a deep breath and go straight to Exchange currency desk, for exchange small amount of money, only what you need to get to your final destination, for example, if you need to book a taxi so you can exchange $40 or $50 to Baht.

The reason behind this is the exchange rate at the airport are lower than other desks outside.

In Patong, there are plenty of currency exchange desks, for more please go back to Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Phuket.

with friends, driving motorbike phuket.

Rent a motorbike or even a car,

Getting around in Phuket is easier, but costly, you can take taxi or tuk-tuk to transport from Point A to B, but after I discovered the motorbike I forget the transport and you should, too.

Renting Motorbike in Phuket required an international driver’s license, and good experience, the price per day range between 200 up to 300 Baht per day, depends on the model.

The same thing for cars, you can rent a car for $30 per day.

Renting a motorbike or car allowed me to save a huge amount of money, and avoiding scammers, and more comfortable.

Eat like local

I travel for food, I like to try new cultures and taste the delicious foods and sometimes the weird.

Phuket known for their street food, the range of foods available on street food in Phuket, take some time and discover the deep culture of Thailand.

Besides, you can try the local restaurants, where you find only local people, it’s really hard to communicate with them, but it deserves a try.

Shop like a local (Supercheap and 7/11)

If you booked an accommodation using Airbnb included the kitchen, it’s mean you are ready to cook your own meals.

Based on my experience the best stores for buying stuff, and groceries with good price and local & international products are 7/11 stores, and SuperCheap Stores most of them work 7 days and 24 hours, they accept credit card.

Tour by Pirate Bot Phi Phi

Tours are awesome, but!

In Phuket, you will experience new things and one of them is the tourist tours, walking in the street, relaxing at the beach or while sleeping, you will get random offers from agencies about their tours.

It’s like a spam, but in real life, just ignore them and say thanks.

But if you are interested in tours, you can book a tour with a registered agent who owns an office.

Try to compare the offer and pick the right one.

Bangla Road Patong - Low Season
Bangla Road Patong

Drink at Happy Hour

I don’t drink, but I have a gold advice for you, at Phuket there always a Happy Hour at most of the popular bars in Patong or other tourist places.

With 80 Baht (about $3) you can get a drink during a happy hour, Or you can shop at 7/11 to get some cold beers. 

trying to buy gifts to our family using Bargaining.

Bargaining and bargaining

Whether you are at the mall or shopping center, or just a simple store, you should use your bargaining skill.

Because you are a foreigner you will get an overpriced offer, whatever your colors or your age, business is business.

Always use your logic and decrease 40% of the price offered by sellers.

Forget Jetski

You loved Jet Ski! I understand, but please forget it if you are planning to visit Thailand.

There are plenty of Jet Ski Scammers, trying to get money as much as they can from you, by pretending and creating fake stories.

Google Map is crucial

The last and not least, Make Google map as your best friend, it’s easy to use, especially if you are planning to drive.

In addition, you can get feedback about some spots in Phuket.


Those were some tips I learned during my trip to Phuket, feel free to share it with your TravelMate and friends.

And Feel free to share with us your travel tips in the comment.

I cannot let you go to Phuket without taking these ideas and advice, I did many mistakes when I visited Phuket for the first time, and I learned a hundred things, that pushed me to create this blog, to help you to save a lot. Support my blog by sharing and caring.

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