Top 5 Things to do in 2 days in Phuket

Top 5 Things to do in 2 days in Phuket
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You may already made a research to find out what the best things to do when you travel to Phuket! And you are still puzzled about how to decide!

I know you want an unforgettable trip, and that’s why I am here to help you and add more adventure to your trip.

No more trouble, slack up and start to discover these top five things to do in the beautiful land Phuket.


Phuket old town - Low Season
view at Phuket Old Town, in Low seasons.

Phuket Old Town


Foremost, before you jump to the beachside or other islands! Is better to start from the heart of Phuket by visiting Phuket Town. And discovering the hidden side of this wonderful town.

Plenty of shops and small cafes available, you can walk on the walking street, and get some fresh juice. The estimated time to visit this place is a half day (3 hours it is enough).

Big Buddha - Phuket
Big Buddha Statue Phuket.

Big Buddha

Even if you are not interested in Buddha temples, I recommend visiting this amazing place. It is placed on the top of the mountain, with an amazing viewpoint to Phuket from 360 degrees.

A big statue of Buddha made of bronze about a 34 m height! this statue they also are known as Tian Tan Buddha. The temple built in 1990, and the easiest way to reach this place, is by motorbike, taxi, or even with tour

Wat Chalong Temple - Phuket
Most important Wat Chalong Temple.

Wat Chalong

This is most popular and important temple in Thailand. Many local people come to pray. And many curious people like me! come to discover and learn new things, or even taking beautiful pictures.

They also have much building, you will find some monks there and Buddha statues, it worth to spend 1 or 2 hours inside.

You can arrange a day to visit big buddha and Wat Chalong and spend the rest time in viewpoint watching the sunset.

Karon Viewpoint - Phuket
Beautiful viewpoint at Karon Beach.

Karon viewpoint

Sunset, Relax, clear your mind, this is the keywords of this space.

An amazing viewpoint waiting for you after a full day of discovering! sitting in this place with your life partner will be the best thing will happen to your relationship.

If you are single do not worry, this place will inspire you and make you feel motivated for the succeeding step.

I do not want to write more I will let you find out for yourself, and share your story with us.

Bangla Road Patong - Low Season
Bangla Road Patong

Bangla Road

When the sunsets come, lights glowed, bars open, colored lights everywhere. A huge atmosphere with loud music and crazy people.

You will realize that you are walking on the most active road in the world! Welcome to Bangla Road, you should do it at least one time in your life. Plenty of bars and disco around, good price if you like to drink. enjoy!

Those were Best things to do in Phuket! not included beaches and entrainments. All these places mentioned above, are a free entrance, no fee. And recommended for budget travelers.


For me, I used to go to those places using a motorbike, by renting a motorbike. Other option to get around are available in Transport section.

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I cannot let you go to Phuket without taking these ideas and advice, I did many mistakes when I visited Phuket for the first time, and I learned a hundred things, that pushed me to create this blog, to help you to save a lot. Support my blog by sharing and caring.

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